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Packages istya



Setup fee 80$

The basic plan is perfect for small businesses who desire to try the base functions.


Up to 8 users
Up to 5 trainings
1 Trainer
Quiz and exams
Explanatory capsule
1 hour of training



Setup fee 80$

The standard plan is adapted for businesses that desire to improve their internal trainings.


Up to 50 users
Up to 20 trainings
5 Trainers
Includes Base plan
Certificate of achievement
Progressive unlocking
Document sharing
Explanatory capsule
1 hour of training



Setup fee 0$

This plan is targeted to businesses who want to improve ther internal trainings


Up to 400 users
Up to 100 trainings
Unlimited trainers
Includes Standard plan
On demand training
Customizable platform
Explanatory capsule
2 hours of training



Setup fee 0$

This plan is for large enterprises who desire to move forward in implementing training in a private and structured platform.

Up to 1000 users
Up to 300 trainings
Unlimited trainers
Includes Premum plan
Explanatory capsule
4 hours training
4 hours of content creation